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Bullying is a repeated, purposeful abuse of power, meant to cause harm to the other person. If we don't have access to power in healthy ways, it can be hard to resist using it in unhealthy ways. You cannot bully-proof your child, but you can support him to develop the awareness and skills to protect himself when necessary, and to seek help when he's in over his head.

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12 Ways to Empower Your Child Against Bullying -- Including CyberBullying

How to help your child develop the skills to stand up to bullying behavior and keeping your child from becoming a bully.

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Strategies for Kids to Fend Off Bullying

Six of the most successful strategies to help kids defend themselves against bullying.

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Talking with Teens and Preteens about Bullying

ALL parents should have meaningful discussions with their teens and preteens about bullying. Here's how to have these conversations.

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Using Play to Help a Child Who Has Been Bullied, Bossed

Has your child been bullied or bossed by others? How parents can use play to help a young child heal from bullying and develop healthy assertiveness.

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Aggression from Other Kids: Here's How To Help Your Child Find His Voice

Let's help our kids stay grounded in their own dignity and compassion as they cope with the unhappy people who will inevitably come their way.

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