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Talking To Kids About Sex

Most parents are uncomfortable thinking about the word “sex” in relation to their children. But sexual health is just part of being a healthy human being. We all want our children to grow into adults who find pleasure in their sexuality and are responsible in their sexual lives. Unfortunately, we live in a very sexualized culture, and protecting our kids from outside influences is almost impossible. Our job as parents is to correct misinformation, help our kids maintain positive feelings about their bodies, and process any feelings that come up for them when they get messages about sex that are unhealthy. With a little thought, we can help our children develop a positive view of sex and of their own bodies, learn what behaviors are socially appropriate, and learn respect for the bodies of others.

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Talking to Kids About Sex: Age by Age Guide

Your family should be a safe place for kids to ask questions and share their worries. Here are some tips to make it easier to talk to your children about sex.

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What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Your Child Safe From Sexual Abuse

Parents think a discussion about "stranger danger" is sufficient to protect kids from sexual abuse, but most kids are molested by someone they know.

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Porn-Proof Your Child

If your child has online access, they will eventually see porn. So before that first exposure, you need to protect your child by educating them about porn.

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What To Call Child's Genitals?

Our culture's simultaneous discomfort and fascination with sex leaves most parents feeling awkward naming their child's sexual organs.

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Supporting Children Who May Be Nonbinary

Our choice of whether to support our child won't change who they are. But it will change how they feel about themselves.

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Is 6 Year Old's Sexual Behavior Inappropriate?

Parents can help their kids develop a positive view of sex and their bodies, teach them socially appropriate behaviors and a respect for the bodies of others.

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4 year old boy prefers girly clothing

Q&A that delves into what 4 year old's interest in girly things means, how to help him socially and most importantly, how his parents can manage their own anxiety.

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Mom discovers child has been sexually abused. What now?

The child needs help from a counselor experienced in helping kids who've been sexually abused. Sharing our shameful feelings and thoughts is how we heal.

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