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Anxiety is a normal fear response to something we perceive as a threat. Children who are often anxious have a chronically activated alarm system. They need support to notice the thoughts that are triggering them, so they can learn to manage those thoughts. Children learn to coach themselves through anxiety-producing situations by the way you coach them, and they gain the confidence to handle new situations by having the experience of facing anxiety-inducing situations and coming through them.


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Helping Your Child with Anxiety

Help your child learn to tolerate the discomfort of facing anxiety-inducing events. Children feel your support and that's what helps them do hard things.

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13 Tips to Help Children Manage Social Anxiety

We all want our children to make friends easily, to feel comfortable asking questions at school, to speak up for themselves. Here's how to give your child a little extra support.

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Helping Children with Phobias: Fear of Bees

These steps can be adapted to help children with any fear. You provide a safe environment to support your child, while they gradually face what frightens them.

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Anxious Child Spits Compulsively - Normal or OCD?

Child's habit of spitting whenever disgusted, or nervous, could well be signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is related to anxiety.

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7 year old with nighttime anxiety is afraid of the dark and going to sleep at bedtime.

It's very common for 7 year olds to be afraid and need help falling asleep. Here's a process that will help, without any tears or anger from you OR your child!

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Selective Mutism Diagnosis?

Selective Mutism is how some children manage their anxiety. This child likely needs intervention from a professional experienced with this specific disorder.

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