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While tantrums may be normal, many are also avoidable. Many tantrums result from feeling powerless or when the child doesn’t have the resources to handle frustration. Preventive measures can often prevent tantrums. And when you can’t avoid the tantrum, you can use it as an opportunity to connect with your child!

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Taming Toddler Tantrums

Tantrums are normal for toddlers. That said, you'll be glad to know that many tantrums are avoidable. Here's how to tame those toddler tantrums.

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11 Month Old Tantrums

It's not unusual for babies this age to begin to tantrum. It's the beginning of your child's asserting himself as a separate person with wants and needs of his own.

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Should You Ignore Tantrums?

Ignoring tantrums is outdated advice. Instead, If we stay calm and reassuring, we restore the child's sense of safety, and he can calm down.

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8 Year Old Tantrums - is this normal?

No, it's not "normal" to tantrum over slight provocations at age eight. It's a red flag that your daughter needs your help to learn to regulate her emotions.

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18 month old toddler tantrums with hitting & head banging

Here's how to help 18 month old with tantrums and prevent him from hurting himself (or you!) while he's having one.

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Whining, Tantrums in almost-2 year old -- Does she just need to cry?

Toddlers have big feelings and need to express them. Only when emotions are expressed and empathized with can they let them go. That means they often need to cry.

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