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Age 4-14 months

Your baby is growing up! How did that breath-taking newborn become such an adorable bundle of energy and fun? And you, how did you get to be such a confident parent, knowing -- at least most of the time -- how to comfort your baby, feed her, connect with her?

Your adoration of your baby means she wants to please you, which means a happy child who cooperates even as she heads into her second year. And the intimate connection you've created with your baby lays the foundation for a rewarding parent-child relationship for the rest of her life.

Next on the agenda: sitting up, crawling, and walking, all in short order.

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Peaceful Parenting Your Baby: Your Game Plan

A simple gameplan to make your life easier when you've got only three minutes to read before your baby wakes up.

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Teaching Your Baby to Put Himself to Sleep

Here's how to teach your baby something priceless -- how to put herself to sleep AND to go back to sleep on her own when she wakes in the night.

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Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Foods?

When to start solid foods and which ones to try first? Follow your baby's cues. Baby-led feeding is the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

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19 Ways To Keep Your Baby or Toddler Happy During Diaper Changes

Here are 19 ways to keep your baby or toddler happy during diaper changes.

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What's Best for Baby Brain Development?

A baby will find plenty to stimulate her cognitive development in life's daily activities. Here are seven strategies to nurture her emotional and intellectual development.

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Secure Attachment: The Research

Decades of research show that as securely attached babies grow, they form better relationships, have higher self esteem, are more resilient under stress, etc.

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