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School and Homework

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Preparing Your Child for the New School Year

With a little bit of preparation and forethought you can enjoy the last weeks of summer and make those first weeks of school easier for everyone in your family.

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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

The things your child needs to know before kindergarten are all things that he or she can learn easily in the course of daily life. Here's how to make that fun!

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Twelve Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to School

Many kids get the Back to School Jitters and need a little extra help adjusting to the start of school. Here are 12 tips that will help.

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10 Tips for Peaceful Classroom Teaching

Do peaceful parenting ideas work in the classroom? Yes! All kids respond to respect, connection, and feeling heard. Children follow our lead and connection.

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How Much To Help With Homework?

Giving structure and support is an appropriate way for parents to support kids of all ages in doing their homework. That does not mean doing the work for them.

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Choosing Preschool: Montessori vs Gifted?

Research shows that kids do best with play-based, child-led learning, as opposed to academics. It's better for their emotional AND intellectual development.

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Helping Your Child Adjust to Middle School

Parenting in the middle school years is more coaching and less direct advocacy. Here are top tips to make the transition to middle school easier for both of you.

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The Inner Compass: Reframing the Traffic Light Reward/Punishment Systems Used In School

This reward/punishment system doesn't support children to meet our expectations - it assumes children CAN do what we're asking and are simply choosing not to.

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Suddenly We're All Homeschoolers! What? You Weren't Trained For This?

Here's how to structure your child's day for learning, fun and not driving you crazy.

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When Your Child is Anxious About Back-To-School

Practical tips to settle your child's worries and help them start school with confidence. Help your child relieve back to school anxiety.

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