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Special Needs

Kids with “special” needs have extra needs, and require more of their parents. Luckily, the three most important tenets of peaceful parenting -- emotional regulation, connection, and coaching -- not only work with special needs kids, but are even MORE important in helping them trust, connect and self-regulate.

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But does this peaceful parenting approach work with a special needs child, such as ASD and sensory issues?

Peaceful parenting (regulating your own emotions, connecting and coaching) not only works with special needs kids, but is even MORE important for them.

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Helping Children Through Chronic Illness

Of course kids with chronic illness feel angry - they're in pain, can't do things they want to, the illness dominates their life and they feel different from peers.

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Can 12 Year Old with ADD Stay Home Alone?

Kids with ADD need structure and routines even more than most kids. If you offer your daughter extra support, this could be a great opportunity for her to grow.

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Medicating "High Maintenance" Child?

Advice for parents of "high maintenance" child who have been given several different labels/diagnoses, medications and causes of their child's behaviors.

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Is preschooler's odd behavior a sign of OCD?

It's much too early to determine if child has OCD. And even if he has that tendency, it's probable he can learn to manage his anxiety with the parent's help.

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Kindergartener with special needs

There are many ways to help prepare a child with special needs for kindergarten, including empathizing with their worries and being a safe place to process emotions.

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Resources for Parents of Kids Who Need More

Parenting a child who is strong-willed, highly sensitive, neurodivergent, or facing other unique challenges requires more from parents. We're here to support you!

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