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High self esteem means we see ourselves as good and capable, that we're "secure" in our value or worthiness. Low self esteem means we see ourselves as not quite good enough, not measuring up. Every parent wants their children to love themselves, to be confident, happy people. There is no such thing as self esteem being too high. We cannot see ourselves as too good, too capable, too worthwhile, and that actually allows us to become more generous and caring people.

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Can Your Child's Self Esteem Be Too High?

There's no such thing as a child having too high self-esteem. Here's how to help your child develop high self esteem and the sense that they are good and capable.

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4 Easy Habits to Build Your Child's Self Esteem with Your Words

We're our child's first teachers. They believe us. Even if they don't seem to, children believe everything we say about them. What an opportunity!

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