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Help Your Child with Anger (Audio)

This powerful 16 minute audio will teach you the secrets to handle your child's anger and guide you through the steps to help your child learn to manage anger in a healthy way. 

Does your child express their anger in ways that are hurtful or scary to you? Do you beat yourself up about your parenting if your child gets angry frequently or has big outbursts? What does "constructive" handling of anger look like for a child (or even an adult)?

This powerful 16 minute audio will guide you step by step as you support your child to learn to manage anger more constructively.

You'll learn: 

  • Why your child's anger triggers you.
  • How to deescalate an angry confrontation and calm your child.
  • Key steps to help your child develop a healthy relationship with anger
  • Effective scripting that you can use in the moment to calm your angry child.
  • How to set limits around physical expression of anger.
  • What you're teaching your child when you respond peacefully vs. with anger.

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Help Your Child Learn To Manage Anger (Mini-Course)

$69.00 USD

Yes, you CAN help your child stop tantrumming, shouting and hitting. You CAN help them learn the skills to express their upsets and needs appropriately. You CAN create a more peaceful home!  This Self-Paced Parenting Mini-Course gives you:

1. Three audios with transcripts

2. Two fun printables

3. Two worksheets 

that guide you through the steps to support your child to learn to manage anger. (Full description at the "Learn More" link.) While this mini-course will be helpful to parents of any age child because it will help them better understand and respond to their child's anger, it is primarily geared for parents of kids ages four through twelve.