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How to Stop Yelling at Your Child - Part 2 (Audio)

By Popular Demand! Part 2 of How to Stop Yelling: Managing Your Own Emotions

By Popular Demand!

In Part 1, we covered how to raise kids who WANT to behave, so you won't find yourself feeling like yelling so often. 

Many parents wrote that Part 1 was really helpful to them, BUT since life isn't perfect, and their kids aren't perfect, and (you guessed it!) they aren't perfect, they wanted more help on how to calm themselves down and manage their own emotions in the heat of the moment.  So here it is, by popular demand, How to Stop Yelling:  Managing Your Own Emotions.

In Part 2, you'll learn:
1. How to manage your own emotions so you don't take them out on your child
2. Understanding where feelings come from
3. When your child pushes your buttons
4. Changing your perspective: How to see things from your child's point of view
5. Handling kids' aggression
6. Dealing with Stress
7.  In the moment of anger, what you can do.

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It isn't easy to stop yelling. You can desperately want to, and still find yourself hurting your child and driving him away. But if you know that you want to stop yelling, I assure you that it's completely possible -- no matter how ingrained it is.