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Signed Copy - Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook

Would you like a personalized copy of Dr. Laura Markham's book, The Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook? This is the place to buy a copy that's inscribed to you, with her autograph and blessing. (For unsigned books, click here.)

If you buy the book here on the Aha! Parenting website, Dr. Laura Markham will inscribe her book to you, with her autograph and blessings.

Or, if the book is a gift, just specify the recipient so that she can inscribe the book to your giftee. Personalized signed copies make great gifts!

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship books internationally. If you need a book shipped to a country other than the US, please purchase via the links below:

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What Parents are Saying

"It contained strategies that I could implement straight away.I liked the thoughts around connectedness and self-regulation. Within a few pages I was already deepening my understanding of my daughter and developing new strategies to improve our relationship." -- Frieda, 4 years old and 20 months

"This book provided me with a clear idea and plan for how I can help change my behavior, in order to connect more with my daughter. It also gave me a different lens for "seeing" what her behaviors are really about. Loved the research, and how I can apply the strategies within my family. Clear changes I can make within myself, and actual language I can use with my children." -- Nicole, mother of 7, 5, 3 yr olds

"After reading this book, my little boy responds so much "better" (more positively) to my own "better" behaviour. He is also expressing himself more openly and more frequently." -- Tanya, mother of 6 yr old

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What Professionals are Saying

"The Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook is like a Swiss Army Knife for parents, with scripts, activities, worksheets and practical tips that parents will find effective, inspiring and fun. Dr. Laura Markham's tone is empowering, and her positive parenting approach works. Every parent will benefit from this book, and the real winners will be their children." -- Amy McCready, Author of The "Me, Me, Me" Epidemic

"I will return to Dr. Laura Markham's Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook again and again. I will return to it for inspiration, guidance, and practical how-to personal reflection. Most importantly, I will revisit her words out of love for my son. For I want him to benefit from the most honest, warm hearted, and peaceful energy I can bring to mothering. When friends, family, or colleagues ask me about my parenting philosophy, I always direct them to the work of Dr. Laura Markham." -- Amy Wright Glenn, Author of Birth, Breath, and Death and Holding Space

"Laura Markham's approach is down-to-earth, filled with respect and compassion for children and parents, and most of all, it's effective. Many parents who have benefited from Laura's writings have told me that they wish they could have her move in with them for a while and provide on-the-spot advice. This workbook is the next best thing! You will rekindle that spark of connection and joy with your children." -- Dr. Lawrence Cohen, Author of Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry

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