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Focusing on your relationship and connection with your tween ensures these Middle School years are a time of magical blossoming.

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Talking To Kids About Sex

Parents can help children develop a positive view of sex and their own bodies, learn what behaviors are socially appropriate, and learn respect for others' bodies.


Want your child to talk to you? Become a brilliant listener!

Parents often ask what they can say to get their child talking. The secret isn't about what you say. It's about how you listen.



While physical courage is more straightforward, when it comes to moral courage, your child's performance in difficult situations depends largely on you.


Help Your Child Develop Good Judgment

Our goal as parents is to give our children experience in making decisions, and to make sure they can reflect on those decisions and learn from them.


The Great Spiritual Lessons Every Child Should Learn

All humans have a spiritual dimension. Here are some ideas for nondenominational (and even God-optional, if that's your preference) spirituality.


How to Get Your Child to LISTEN!

One of the most common questions from parents is how can I get my kid to LISTEN to me? Here's how to get your child to take in what you...


7 Powerful Ways to Help Kids Develop Social Intelligence Skills Every Day

Next time there's a problem between your children, you don't need to sigh and wish it wasn't happening. You can welcome it as a teachable moment!


Why Kids Bicker and How To Help Them Stop

It's normal for siblings to have conflict and disagree. Here's how to coach your kids to learn how to resolve their arguments before they escalate.


15 Ways to Raise a Child with Great Values

Regardless of what you consciously teach them, your children will emerge from childhood with clear views on what their parents really value by watching you.