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Beyond Discipline: 10 Secrets of Setting Effective Limits (Audio)

Are you tired of your child ignoring and testing your limits? Do you wish you knew how to help your child WANT to cooperate, without threats, bribes, yelling or punishment? Would you like to get out of the discipline business, so you never have to threaten another another punishment or timeout again -- without letting your child run wild? Everything you need to know to set limits that guide your children but keep them connected and cooperative.

In this 55 minute audio, Dr. Laura shares 10 secrets of setting limits that guide your child and help them learn self-discipline, but keep them connected and cooperative -- without you ever having to punish.

You'll learn:

  • The three steps of setting effective limits
  • How do you handle it when a child is ignoring you/tuning you out? 
  • How to help children learn with reflection and repair instead of punishment.
  • Your secret weapon in getting children to cooperate (and it never involves threats!)
  • What to do when your child tests your limits.

What Parents are Saying

"This audio was incredible for me! I’ve been using a lot of Dr. Laura’s words like “This is so hard for you” and “I’m so sorry you're having a tough time” rather than trying to rationalize my limits. I find the kids still cry, but then they accept it and we move on. ESPECIALLY with my 5 year old. She is incredibly strong willed and does not back down. Knowing that she will try everything in her power to see if she can get me to change my limit made it so much easier to be calm and empathetic while standing my ground. I also love love loved the verbiage “You were so mad that you forgot how much you love your brother.” I’ve used it several times. She really does love him most of the time so when she rages this has been really helpful in repairing." - Kellan

"So powerful. It’s a shift in my mindset. One of the biggest eye opening moments for me is to set the limit and not take it personally how my children react. Just like Dr. Laura said in the audio, “It’s ok if they cry, they’re processing the limit and trying to accept it." - Dajana

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