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Setting Limits Solutions -- Beyond Discipline Part 2 (Audio)

Imagine for a moment that when you ask your child to do something, they do it. When you ask them to stop doing something, they stop. They might protest a bit, or try to test your limit. But you're able to stay patient and connected. You keep your sense of humor and hold your limit. And your child does what you ask, without a power struggle. Everyone stays in a good mood. Over and over again, all day long!

Impossible? Actually, this is something you can do. Really! Even if you have a challenging child, there are specific actions you can take to can make this your reality more and more often.

In this audio, Setting Limits Solutions, Dr. Laura Markham applies her ten secrets of setting limits to the most common challenges that parents encounter when they set limits. You'll hear her tone of voice and learn the words that are most effective to get children cooperating. And you get a full hour and a half of common examples, so you'll find plenty of situations you recognize. 

You'll learn:

  • What to do when your child tests or ignores your limits.
  • How to handle it when your child cries or protests your limit.
  • What to do when your child is deliberately provocative.
  • How to manage your own frustration when setting limits.
  • How to handle your child’s anger, including hitting.
  • How to enforce your limits without force.

Please note: This audio is Part 2 of the Beyond Discipline series. To begin, please listen to part 1, Beyond Discipline: 10 secrets of setting limits, a 55 minute audio that teaches you the 10 basic principles that help kids WANT to cooperate, without yelling, threats, bribes or punishment.

What Parents are Saying

"Thank you for this audio. I related to so many of the situations you described. I actually wrote down the words you used so I could refer to them when needed. And your solutions worked! I felt more in charge, so I was able to stay more calm. And my boys did what I asked. They groaned -- but they did it, and there were no explosions." - Daniela

"Even my husband is starting to use your language. What would have been a power struggle in the past now goes smoothly much of the time -- which is nothing short of a miracle at our house. Thank you!" - Jennifer