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Help Your Child (and Yourself!) Develop a Healthy Relationship with Screens (Audio)

In this jam-packed audio, you'll learn about the neurological impact of screens on the human nervous system, the latest research on the relationship between various kinds of screen usage and mental health, and some effective strategies and tools to manage your own relationship with screens and to navigate screens more peacefully with your child.

Wondering how to set reasonable limits for screen time, gaming and TV for your child? Worried about meltdowns when the screen goes off? Wish you could have a healthier relationship with your own devices?  This is the audio for you!

In less than two hours, you'll learn:

  • How the human nervous system works
  • How business Interests exploit the human nervous system to make money on screens
  • The effect of screens on the human nervous system and on different kinds of brains (age, sex, neurotypical or atypical)
  • How addiction works and the role of dopamine
  • The role of well-being and stress in our ability to self-regulate
  • How to give yourself internal and external resources to resist screen addiction
  • How to help your child develop a healthy relationship with screens

(Includes engaging 85 minute lecture plus Dr. Laura Markham answering parents' questions about screen time.)